Make A High Powered Spit Ball Launcher

Spitball guns are a fun way to get through a boring day at school or work, or to just tease your classmates or co-workers. For a bit of a spin on the classic spitball gun, try constructing your own high-powered spitball gun. It is extremely easy, and you can shoot spitballs three to five times further than a standard spitball gun. Use it for target practice, office games, or even have spitball gun wars with friends. It’s much cheaper than a paintball gun and just as fun.



1. Unscrew the cap from the bottom of your ballpoint pen and remove the ink stick and nib so you are left with just the empty plastic tube.

2. Remove the tiny straw from the pressurized air duster can. The air from the can passes through the straw when the aerosol button is pressed.

3. Attach the end of the pen tube to the nozzle of the pressurized air duster. This is where the tiny straw was before you removed it.

4. Tear a small piece of paper and ball it up, then moisten it with water or spit.

5. Place the spitball into the open end of the pen tube. It should be a snug fit to allow air pressure to build up behind the spitball.

6. Point, aim and shoot by pressing the aerosol button to blow the spitball out of the pen tube.

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