Make A Homemade Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are hugely popular because they both look like a real gun and can shoot pellets with more force than other toy guns. You can make your own version of an airsoft gun; it may not look as impressive as one bought from a store, but it will fire a pellet with more than enough force to justify its having been made. You will need a few hardware items along with a pump-action water pistol purchased from a drugstore or toy store.


1. Empty the water from the pump-action water pistol into the kitchen sink. Let the pump-action water pistol dry.

2. Put a towel on a table. Put the pump-action water pistol on its side down on the towel.

3. Position one end of the straw over the small barrel opening of the pump-action water pistol.

4. Plug the hot glue gun into a wall socket for power. Heat up the hot glue gun. Run a bead of hot glue around the straw to adhere it to the barrel of the pump-action water pistol. Let the glue dry.

5. Wrap electrical tape around the gap between the straw and the barrel. Stop wrapping the electrical tape around the gap after you have circled the straw and barrel 6 to 7 times.

6. Use the scissors to cut the electrical tape off of its spool. Smooth down the end of the electrical tape onto the barrel.

7. Pump the piston of the pump-action water pistol 100 times to build up a lot of pressure for firing off the projectile that will be placed into the homemade airsoft gun.

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8. Insert a BB pellet into the end of the straw and slide it down the barrel until it stops at the other end.

9. Take your homemade airsoft gun outside. Hold the gun securely with both hands, sight down the gun barrel at a tree in your backyard and press the trigger.