Make A Homemade Airsoft Minigun

There are many types of airsoft guns that can be made. An airsoft minigun has the advantage of being small enough to avoid detection while still providing firepower. You can make a minigun from common household items, and the cost will be almost nonexistent. Your minigun will fire a projectile as good as any store-bought airsoft gun but will be personalized because it was made by hand.


1. Place the skinny end of the balloon over one end of the plastic straw. Work the balloon down onto the plastic straw until the end of the straw meets the part of the balloon that inflates.

2. Place the packing tape against the plastic straw where the end of the balloon is. Wrap the packing tape around the plastic straw and end of the balloon to secure the two of them to each other.

3. Roll a small ball from the modeling clay. Drop the small ball into the open end of the plastic straw.

4. Hold the plastic straw in your left hand. Grab the small ball from the inside of the balloon with your other hand (reverse this for lefties).

5. Aim the open end of the plastic straw at a tree in your backyard. Pull back on the small ball to stretch out the balloon. Release the small ball to fire it from the airsoft mini gun you have made.

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