Make A Homemade Paintball Barrel

Paintball is an intense game of strategy and tactical skill. To succeed as a paintball player, you not only need athleticism but wit and quick thinking as well. But regardless of how good of a tactician you are, if your equipment doesn’t perform to your expectations you will not be successful. One piece of equipment that deserves an upgrade is your paintball barrel. With a longer barrel you can gain accuracy, stealth and distance, all for the price of fixing a leaky faucet.


1. Cut a 14-inch section of pipe with the hack saw.

2. Use the tap and die set to measure the threads in your gun’s body, and then according to the instructions included with the set, tap a set of threads onto the end of the PVC pipe to match those in your gun. Screw the PVC barrel into the gun body and check alignment and fit.

3. Unscrew the gun barrel and drill four evenly spaced vertical rows of holes in the last two inches of the barrel. This will allow gases to escape as the ball leaves the barrel, quieting your gun and making it more accurate.

4. Use the sandpaper to rub the entire inside and outside of the barrel free of burrs; then mount the barrel to the gun by screwing it into gun body.

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