Make A Homemade Paintball Gun

Make a Homemade Paintball Gun

Getting a group of friends together to play a game of paintball can be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Combat war games like paintball put a person’s shooting abilities to the test and get really get your adrenaline flowing when the game gets under way. While there are a lot of important pieces of equipment you will need to play paintball, none is more important than the paintball marker, or gun. These tend to be very expensive, but the good news is you can build your own with PVC pipe and some household tools.


1. Take a saw and use it to cut your PVC pipe into two pieces both at least a foot in length. Use some masking tape to cover all the ends of the pipe you cut.

2. Take one of the pieces you cut and place an elbow on each end of the pipe.

3. Grab 2 Tees (connectors) and connect them to the second piece of pipe. Attach one Tee at each end of your PVC pipe piece.

4. Fuse both pieces of PVC pipe together at the joints. Connect both PVC pieces together at both ends and then take some cement and apply it to the joints where the pipes connect. The reason you need to use cement is that cement is much stronger than any type of glue and will ensure that the gun will not fall apart when being used.

5. Take a Tee and connect it to a PVC nipple. Once you have connected these two pieces you will need to take a ball valve and attach it to the nipple. The part should just screw right in without the need of a screwdriver.

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6. Use your saw to cut the remaining length of PVC pipe into a barrel for your gun. You can make the barrel as long or as short as you want it to be.

7. Drill a hole completely through the tire valve’s end cap. Poke the valve through the hole you drilled and secure it in place with super glue.

8. Take a 9-inch pipe piece and connect it to the barrel’s Tee. Take the tire valve piece and cement it to the piece of pipe.

9. Put your paintball marker in a safe place for at least two days so that the cement has time to dry.