Make A Johnny 3 Tears Mask

Monarch butterflies decorate the right jaw of Johnny 3 Tears’s mask.

Johnny 3 Tears is the lead singer for Hollywood Undead, a Los Angeles band that sits on the edge between grunge and rock. The band appeals mainly to young audiences ranging from preteens to early college students. Their trademarks involve not only their band names but the masks each member wears. Johnny 3 Tears wears a blue mask with a white 3 emblazoned on the left side. A black butterfly encases the right eye while four monarch butterflies trail down the right cheekbone to the jawline. Create your own mask for a concert or Halloween costume.


1. Spray paint the entire mask with French blue spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

2. Sketch a large, stylized number 3 on the left side of the mask with the white chalk. The three should have a flat, pointed upper section and a rounded, elongated lower section. You may place it just on the cheek or encompassing the entire side of the face.

3. Paint in the 3 with a white acrylic paint marker. You may also use a paintbrush, but a marker will give you more control. Keep the edges clean and let the 3 dry for at least two hours.

4. Sketch a black butterfly with large, filigree wings and a scrollwork tail over the mask’s right eye. The tips of the wings should be relatively sharp and the scrollwork should trail to the bottom of the mask.

5. Paint in the butterfly and scrollwork with black acrylic paint and a paintbrush. You may use paint markers instead, but brushes are less likely to leave scribble marks. Allow the entire mask to cure overnight.

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6. Place the monarch butterfly rub-on stickers, available at craft stores, along the right jaw of your mask with the shiny sides down. Rub them vigorously with a ice cream stick, working the edges very firmly. Gently peel away the backing to reveal your butterflies.