Make A Laser For An Airsoft Gun

Laser sighting can improve the aim of your Airsoft gun as well as provide flair. There are several ways to attach a laser sight, but for most plastic guns, there is one simple method.


1. Secure the gun in the vise, with the barrel pointed at a blank wall 15 to 20 feet away.

2. Fire at least 10 rounds at the wall, marking the spots where they hit. Determine the average point of impact.

3. Strip the laser pen of any extraneous fittings and clips, until it is just the simple casing and the laser.

4. Tuck the laser pen beneath the barrel and secure it to the gun using rubber bands. Align the laser so that it points at the spot where the pellets hit the wall.

5. Adjust the laser as necessary by doubling up the rubber bands and passing alternate loops of rubber band between the laser and barrel, instead of beneath the laser.

6. Test the sighting by shooting the gun while the laser is only attached by rubber bands.

7. Use the adhesive to fasten the laser to the gun permanently once you are satisfied with the alignment of the laser sighting. You can leave the rubber bands in position to hold the laser in zeroed position while the adhesive dries.

8. Remove the rubber bands, cutting them off if needed where they pass between sight and gun.