Make A Marshmallow Bazooka

Marshmallow bazookas are one of the popular do-it-yourself toys of childhood.

Launching marshmallows is a popular pastime for adolescents. Children spend many hours in the backyard creating marshmallow bazookas and targets for practice and games. In addition to providing hours of fun, making a marshmallow bazooka allows a child to express his creativity in the design and decoration of the bazooka and develops hand-eye coordination when aiming at the targets. Building marshmallow bazookas is a fun idea for a birthday party activity or a casual play afternoon.


1. Measure and cut the PVC pipe into two 7-inch pieces and six 3-inch pieces with a pipe cutter or hacksaw. Cut the pipe as straight as possible so that the pieces will connect properly to the fittings.

2. Connect one 7-inch long pipe to one of the arms of a T-fitting. Connect 3-inch pieces to each of the other openings in the T-fitting. The 7-inch and 3-inch pipes that are in line are part of the barrel of the bazooka. The 3-inch pipe that is perpendicular to the barrel is one handle of the marshmallow gun.

3. Connect another T-fitting to the 3-inch piece that is in a straight line with the 7-inch piece to extend the barrel of the marshmallow bazooka. Point the top of the T in the opposite direction from the first T-fitting. Connect 3-inch pipes to each of the open slots in this second T-fitting. This second T-fitting will later form the mouthpiece.

4. Connect the third T-fitting to the barrel of the marshmallow bazooka. Connect a 3-inch pipe at the opening that is perpendicular to the barrel to form the second handle and connect a 7-inch piece to the remaining opening. This 7-inch piece rests on your shoulder when using the marshmallow bazooka.

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5. Place end caps over the end of the barrel that rests on your shoulder and both handle pieces. To increase the air pressure within the marshmallow bazooka, fill the handles and the barrel portion that rests on your shoulder with tissue.

6. Connect an elbow to the 3-inch PVC that points in the opposite direction from the handles (from Step 3). Attach the final 3-inch pipe to the elbow so that it is pointing away from the open end of the barrel. This is the mouthpiece.