Make A Mini Blowgun

A blowgun is a primitive weapon that uses the power of your breath to shoot a dart at a target. You can make a mini blowgun from a few supplies commonly found around the home. No special skills are needed, nor must you have any expertise in how a blowgun works. Your mini blowgun can be used to fire small projectiles other than darts; for example, you can use BBs or plastic pellet balls.


1. Place the paper sheet on a table with the 4-inch side facing you. Roll the bottom of the paper sheet over to the top.

2. Hold the paper tube that is now made together using one hand. Insert two fingers of your other hand into one end of the paper tube.

3. Twist the paper tube tightly around your fingers.

4. Tape the middle and both sides of the paper tube with strips of cellophane tape. Remove your fingers from the end of the paper tube.

5. Apply lip balm around the end of the paper tube that your fingers were in.

6. Place a dart or BB into the other end of the paper tube.

7. Go outside. Take a deep breath. Place your lips around the end of the blowgun that has the lip balm on it. Aim your mini blowgun at a bush or tree.

8. Blow out your breath to shoot the dart or BB from your mini blowgun at the bush or tree.