Make A Nerf Grenade Launcher

Make a homemade nerf grenade launcher using a 1-inch wide spring 8 inches long.

A homemade Nerf grenade launcher is similar to a potato launcher without an official exploding trigger. The trigger is made from a simple item such as a paper clip. The paper clip holds the spring in place prior to release of the grenade. A plastic film case from a roll of film holds the spring in place and is the right size to shoot a bundle of Nerf grenades or bullets 1/2 by 3 inches long. Make a homemade Nerf grenade launcher in approximately 15 minutes after all supplies are gathered.


1. Open the lid to the plastic film container. Set the lid aside. Place the 1-inch spring in the container. Compress the spring as far as it will go. Mark the top of the compressed spring on the outside of the container. Make two marks, one directly across from the other. Allow the spring to decompress and remove it from the plastic film container.

2. Cut a small hole on the mark on the outside of the film container. Place the point of the craft knife on the mark. Rotate the craft knife to drill a hole through the side of the container large enough so the wire from a large paperclip fits through the hole. Repeat the process on the second mark.

3. Open two folds on the length of a large paperclip and straighten the wire. Bend the wire so it is at a 90-degree angle just above the remaining two folds. Place the straight end of the bent paperclip through the two holes on the film container. This is the trigger to the grenade launcher.

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4. Remove the paperclip trigger and place the spring inside the film container. Compress the spring and insert the paperclip trigger through the holes. Check to make sure the paperclip is at the right level to hold the spring in place. Adjust the holes if necessary.

5. Carefully remove the paperclip trigger and spring from the plastic film container. Squeeze enough hot glue to cover the bottom of the film container. Immediately replace the spring in the container. Gently push the top of the spring to sink the bottom of the spring in the hot glue. Set aside and let dry for 5 minutes.

6. Cut a 1 to 1 1/2-inch piece of duct tape. Turn the tape so the sticky side is up. Insert the tape between the first and second coil of the spring. Flip the edges of the tape up and over the top spring encasing it in duct tape. Cut any corners from the tape so the spring fits easily into the film container.

7. Compress the spring and secure with the paperclip trigger. Place the heavy-duty rubber band around the top of the film container so half is on the container and the other half is above the lid line.

8. Stack three Nerf grenades together in the form of a pyramid. Secure the Nerf grenades together with three rubber bands. Place one rubber band in the middle and one 1/4 inch from each end.

9. Stand the Nerf grenades up so they are sitting on end. Insert the end in the rubber band until it is sitting on top of the spring. Point the Nerf grenade at the desired target. Pull the pin from the side of the container. The Nerf grenades will launch.

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