Make A Nerf Gun Belt

Making a Nerf gun belt gives you a huge strategic advantage over your opposition in which you can easily cream the enemy. A Nerf belt enables you to carry all your preferred Nerf guns during a Nerf battle. Follow these steps to make your very own Nerf belt.


1. Gather up all your Nerf guns and decide which guns you need to have on your belt. The most important gun needs to be in the focal holster where you can easily grab it and shoot the enemy. The backup Nerf guns go at other points on the belt. You need to have three or four Nerf guns on your belt.

2. Measure the width and length of your most important Nerf gun for the focal holster. Note the measurements on a piece of paper to refer to as you measure the cut-out from the cardboard.

3. Make the holster 4 inches if the Nerf gun width measures a little less than 4 inches. A small amount of room needs to be available for the Nerf gun to come in and out fast. If the length measures 8 inches, the holster length needs to be 6 inches for the front part, pull out the gun fast, and 8 inches on the back for belt loops.

4. Cut the size of cardboard you need for the front part of the holster and the back part of the holster. Make sure you cut side pieces the same length as your front part of the holster.

5. Tape the holster together and make it look really sharp and ready for action. Again, make it roomy for the Nerf gun to slip in and out of the holster easily.

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6. Cut squares in the piece of cardboard that is sticking out the back, so you can thread the belt through the holster. Continue the same steps to make holsters for your other Nerf guns.

7. Thread your holsters onto your belt, being careful not to rip the cardboard. Then, buckle the belt around your waist to fit the holsters so they balance on your hips. You don’t want to feel lopsided but even all the way around. Now, tape the holsters to your belt. You want them to be secured and not fall off.