Make A Nerf Gun Shoot Faster

Nerf-brand guns shoot foam darts when the trigger is pressed. You can make a Nerf-brand gun shoot faster by removing the restrictor rods inside of the barrel chambers holding the darts. The procedure is straightforward and similar to all Nerf-brand guns, with minor exceptions. It can be done in a few minutes once the Nerf-brand gun has been partially disassembled. You will need a few tools commonly found around the house but no special skills or expertise in “gunsmithing.”


1. Place the Nerf-brand gun on a table with the barrel facing to the right. Remove the screws from the top left edge, the middle top edge and the front top edge with the Phillips screwdriver

2. Remove the screws from the bottom middle and front edge below the barrel assembly with the Phillips screwdriver.

3. Remove the screws from around the trigger guard and the gun handle with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screw from the top of the Nerf-brand gun just in front of the hammer with the Phillips screwdriver.

4. Carefully pull off the cover plate of the Nerf-brand gun with your fingers. Place the cover plate aside.

5. Slide the orange tab lying against the left side of the barrel toward the left with your finger. Pull the barrel out of the barrel assembly before releasing the orange tab.

6. Push in on the black spindle in one end of the barrel. Grab the spring rod that is now exiting the other end of the barrel with the claw of the claw hammer. Twist the claw to pull the clip off the end of the spring rod.

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7. Grab hold of the spring rod. Pull the spring rod out of the barrel with your fingers.

8. Remove the three screws from the back end of the barrel where the black spindle is with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screw plate. Turn the barrel upside down. Let the restrictor rod assembly slide out from inside of the barrel.

9. Remove an air restrictor rod from the restrictor rod assembly with your fingers. Pull the spring off the restrictor rod. Pull the black plug off the restrictor rod.

10. Cut the rod of the air restrictor rod off at the base with the wire cutters. Place the base back into the restrictor rod assembly in the position that it was originally occupying.

11. Repeat this procedure with all of the air restrictor rods. Dispose of the cut rods, the plugs and the springs in the trash.

12. Place the barrel back over the restrictor rod assembly. Place the screw plate back onto the barrel. Reattach the screws.

13. Push the spring rod back into the barrel until it clicks into position. Place the clip back onto the end of the spring rod. Gently tap the clip down with the claw hammer.

14. Slide the orange tab on the Nerf-brand gun towards the left with your finger. Place the barrel back into the barrel assembly. Release the orange tab.

15. Place the cover plate back onto the Nerf-brand gun. Reattach the screws.