Make A Nerf Rifle

Bored? Have a yen for firing NERF projectiles at unsuspecting targets? Well, this eHow can help. Make yourself an honest-to-goodness NERF rifle that actually works.


1. Create the tank of the NERF rifle by solvent welding a 3 inch by 2 inch reducer and a 3 inch end cap onto a short length of 3 inch PVC pipe. Solvent welding is simply brushing the solvent onto the surfaces and pressing them together.

2. Drill a 1 inch cap, and insert a tire valve into the hole. Solvent weld it in place. Weld the cap to a PVC tee.

3. Make the intake assembly by welding a length of pipe to the tee, then welding a 1 inch by ? inch reducer that’s threaded. Screw a sprinkler valve into the threaded end of the 1 inch by ? inch reducer.

4. Weld a short length of PVC to the other opening of the tee, then weld another tee onto the other end of the pipe. Weld a bushing onto the end. This will be the handle.

5. Etch a place for the NERF rifle’s trigger behind the tire valve. Solder the necessary wires that will run from the switch to the battery. Clamp the tripper, an open toggle switch, in place with cable or zip ties. Clip the 9 volt battery in place with two clips.

6. Assemble wood spacers by screwing lengths of wood between two short boards so that they resemble a short ladder, or the back of a wooden chair. Determine the height of the spacers by holding the pump so that it interfaces with the tire valve. Clamp the spacer and the pump securely to the NERF rifle with a host clamp, and tighten it as much as you can with channel clamps.

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7. Screw on the sprinkler valve.

8. Make the barrel for the NERF rifle with a length of “quick fix” PVC used to repair PVC pipes. Use a rotary cutting tool to cut a chamber for the NERF darts, but do not remove too much of the PVC. Weld on a threaded fixture that will connect with the sprinkler valve. Be sure that your barrel is the same length of the NERF rifle-too long and it will not work well.

9. Insert the barrel, load the NERF ammo, and take on the world.