Make A Padded Paintball Vest

Ever since its inception, paintball has been a popular sport. Players shoot at each other with carbon dioxide powered guns, the ammo of which are small, paint-filled projectiles that splatter open on impact. The impact, though, can hurt and sometimes leaves bruises. As a result, players often wear protective vests. If you don’t want to pay big prices, you can make your own vest.


1. Get a vest. The vest should be a little large on you to leave room for padding, and it should cover all the areas you want to protect in paintball. Ideally it should cover your entire torso, but vests that go up the neck or scoop lower on the chest will work also.

2. Measure the different sections of your vest: left front, right front, back and neck (if applicable). Using your marking tool and straight edge, draw lines for the different panels on your padding material. You can use any material, but heavy cotton twill and denim work well for this, particularly in two layers for absorbing paintball impact.

3. After checking your measurements, cut out your panels of padding. Pin them to the inside of your vest to make sure they fit properly. Try your vest on, being careful not to injure yourself. Make any necessary adjustments to the panels’ positioning.

4. Sew your panels into your vest. For added strength, fold over the ragged edges of your padding and stitch them so they don’t unravel. If possible, try to stitch along the seams of your vest when installing your padding.

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5. If you’re adding a second layer of padding, repeat the previous steps. Once your vest is properly padded, try it on to make sure it fits well and that no more changes need to be made (such as padding hanging out from inside that shouldn’t be).