Make A Paint Ball Gun

Make a Paint Ball Gun

Paintball has become one of the most popular recreation and combat sports. The most essential tool of the trade to have in paintball is your primary weapon, which is a paintball gun. These come in all shapes, sizes and makes as well as prices. If you are looking to get into paintball but don’t have a lot of cash to spare for a gun, you can make your own with just a few tools and some PVC pipe.


1. Use your saw and cut two pieces of PVC pipe a foot in length from your 6 feet of pipe. Make sure that they both have the same identical length. Take some of your tape and cover the ends of the PVC pipe.

2. Take two PVC elbows and attach them to one of the foot-long pieces you just cut. Place one elbow at each end of the foot-long pipe.

3. Take the other foot-long piece and attach two T-connectors to the pipe. Place one on each end of the PVC pipe.

4. Use some cement to fuse the joints of the two PVC pipe pieces together. Make sure that both of the pipes are connected to each other at both ends before cementing. The pipes should form a box shape. Allow the cement to dry overnight.

5. Take a PVC nipple and attach it to a PVC T-connector. Then take the ball valve and carefully screw it into the PVC nipple.

6. Use the remaining length of PVC pipe for a barrel and screw it into the ball valve. You can make the barrel any length you desire.

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7. Power up your drill and make a hole in the end cap of the tire valve. Stick the tire valve through the hole in the end cap and glue it in place.

8. Cut a 10-inch piece of PVC pipe and attach it to the barrel PVC T-connector. Take the end cap and tire valve piece you made in the previous step and secure it to the 10-inch piece of PVC pipe with cement.

9. Allow your paintball gun to dry for three days. Your gun will need adequate time for all of the cement to set properly and dry before you will be able to use the gun safely.