Make A Paintball Bandana

Select a festive fabric or opt to paint your own designs.

Paintball is a competitive sport that can provide hours of fun. This war-like game is most often played in teams and using clothing or accessories to help distinguish between teams can make game play go smoothly. Making your own paintball bandannas is one way to help separate the teams or can be a creative activity to make some unique gear for your next round of paintball.


1. Select a fabric that you like. If you are making team bandannas, choose a common color or fabric you can all use to make your bandannas out of. Another idea is to use very plain fabric and then use fabric paints to add your own design or even your team name to the bandanna.

2. Measure and cut a square piece of the fabric that is 23 inches by 23 inches in length. If you plan to paint the fabric, use small brushes and various colors of fabric paints and allow the paint to dry overnight before handling the fabric any further.

3. Fold each side of your square ¼ of an inch inward and pin. Begin sewing around your square using small close stitches until you have hemmed all the way around your fabric. If you have a sewing machine, you can use this. Fold your bandanna in half diagonally and then wrap it around your head as you like.

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