Make A Paintball Barrel

Paintball is an intense game of strategy and sportsmanship. To be a good player, you need to be agile and athletic and have dialed-in equipment. Your gun is the most important piece of tactical equipment that you will carry and thus should be modified to suit your playing style as best it can be. The first and possibly easiest modification is to change barrels. Changing to a longer, ported barrel will not only make your gun quieter but also add accuracy and range. Aftermarket paintball barrels are expensive; however, you can build your own using some common household materials.


1. Cut out a 6-inch section of pipe using the hacksaw.

2. Use the Dremel tool to remove material from the inner lip of one side of the tubing until the pipe will slide snugly over the end of your existing barrel.

3. Use the sandpaper to smooth out the inside and outside surfaces of the barrel.

4. Drill three evenly spaced, vertical rows of holes in the last 2 inches of the barrel (on the opposite end of the lip you cut out with the Dremel tool). To install the barrel extension, slide the PVC piping onto the end of your existing barrel.