Make A Paintball Base

Scenario paintball is increasing in popularity. Scenario paintball games normally run 12 to 24 hours and follow a storyline. There may be tanks, demolition, engineers, medics, missions and even spies. In order to properly organize the teams, you need to have a good base. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a good location. Location is crucial to the success of a paintball team. A good base should be located near the team’s insertion point (where the team enters and re-enters the game). This will ensure that the players have to go by the base so that missions can be formed and other information given.

2. Provide barriers to your base. This can mean anything from picking a spot that has trees in front of it, to building bunkers in front of the base, to even building a fence around your base. You want to be sure that your base is secure, so that the other side is not able to capture it easily.

3. Plan for a small, secure area. There needs to be a part of your base that is just the right size for your radio control person, the general, and maybe one or two other people to hide in case the base comes under attack. The best base I’ve seen actually had a small second floor that protected these players.

4. Ensure that there’s a place where the team can come together. This can be within the actual base or just near it. When forming missions or holding team meetings, you will want somewhere that your players can gather without being in the wide open. They should be able to quickly run and start defending the base.

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5. Build the base. It doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy to do the trick. The best aspect is that, as long as your follow the directions above, your base doesn’t have to be a certain shape, size or height. You can build it to suit the field you are playing on.