Make A Paintball Field Fence

Paintball fields can vary greatly in their size and terrain. Some paintball fields are set in the woods while others are in open fields. Regardless of the location, all paintball fields must have visible borders and easy-to-see fences. While plenty of materials can be used for this fence, using yellow tape is the quickest and cheapest way to mark the field. Yellow tape will last for many years and is easily visible. Also, if you decide to change the boundaries of your course, this fence is easy to remove and replace.


1. Locate a plot of land that you want to use for paintball. Make sure you have permission to use this piece of land. Suitable areas for paintball fields usually have plenty of trees, large rocks, streams and other obstacles. Also, try to find a piece of land that is relatively flat. It is safer to play on flat land than a steep hill.

2. Wrap the yellow tape around a sturdy tree and tie a knot about 4 feet off the ground. This will serve as the start of your fence. Walk along the boundary of your field and wrap the yellow tape around a tree about every 10 feet. This will prevent the tape from sagging. Every time you wrap the yellow tape around a tree, drive a nail into that tape to prevent it from falling down.

3. Drive a stake into the ground using a hammer to create a post wherever there is no tree available. Once the stake is firmly in the ground, wrap the tape around the post like you did with trees. Drive a nail through the yellow tape into the post. This will prevent it from falling off.

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4. Create a boundary by completely encompassing the field in yellow tape. When the roll of tape runs out, tie it off on a tree and start using a new roll of tape on the same tree.

5. Tell your friends and everyone else using the field that yellow tape designates a boundary. This will ensure that they stay in bounds.