Make A Paintball Field

Paintballing is an exciting pastime for young people. It offers outdoor physical activity and social interaction. It’s also a great way to earn some extra cash. If you can build your own paintball field where there’s high demand for the game, you can host your own matches and charge others to participate.


1. Walk around the area you find for your paintball field to look for advantages and disadvantages for both teams, like a large boulder or hill on one side of the area. If there’s a boulder on only one side of the field, consider making a man-made bunker for the other side to offer the same benefit to both teams.

2. Clear the field of debris and fill any holes. Make sure you remove all garbage, large sticks, logs and tree stumps. You customers will be running through your paintball field and you need to minimize the possibility for serious injury.

3. Determine where to put your facilities. You need a station where games can start and players can pay, get drinks and use the restroom. If you’re just starting out and are only making one field, you can use a portable toilet for a season or two. After that, your players may start to grumble about real bathrooms.

4. Mark your boundaries clearly. Yellow caution tape placed 3 feet above the ground for safety works well for this. Use aluminum signs with vinyl lettering as they clean well and look more professional than spray-painted plywood.

5. Add bunkers and trenches to your paintball field. You can make bunkers from sandbags, logs, hay stacks or barrels. Dig the trenches 3 feet deep, and make them long enough to hold two or more people. You should have an even amount of bunkers and trenches on both sides of the field so no team has an advantage.

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