Make A Paintball Gun Case

A paintball gun case is used for storage and for transport to and from the paintball field. There are many different paintball cases available on the market from a wide variety of manufacturers. From conservative to paramilitary, there are all types of cases available. However, a paintball case may also be made and customized to fit the player’s needs and personality.


1. Choose a suitable container which will accommodate the size of the paintball gun to be stored. An old suitcase, attache case, guitar case, violin case or other latching container with a handle will work. Choosing a case can make a statement about a paintball player.

2. Open the case or container and measure the interior of the top and bottom. Also measure the top-to-bottom depth of the case. It will be necessary to place enough foam in the case to both protect and secure the gun during travel.

3. Mark the dimensions on the foam and cut with scissors. Periodically fit the foam to the case and make adjustments by removing small amounts of the foam to achieve a good fit.

4. Layer the foam, if necessary, to achieve a level which will hold the paintball gun in place and prevent damage during travel.

5. Place the paintball gun in the case and check for a secure fit. Add more foam if the gun moves around when the top is closed, remove some foam if the fit seems too tight.

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