Make A Paintball Gun Rack

Finding a convenient place to store your paintball guns can be difficult, but building your own paintball gun rack solves that problem. A paintball gun rack also keeps your guns safely out of the reach of children.


1. Lay two of the planks flat on the ground, parallel to each other, with 10 inches between them.

2. Arrange the two other planks across the first two to form a square, but balance these two along their 1/2 inch edges, along the ends of the first two boards, and glue them into place. The broad inside sides of these second boards should be 17 inches apart.

3. Flip the entire rectangle over, and nail through the flat boards into the second boards which are balanced on edge. These second boards will be the vertical supports of the gun rack.

4. Hang the frame on the wall to get a sense of the proportions. The two original planks will run horizontally, a foot apart, and the second board will run vertically, protruding four inches from the flat front surface of the first boards.

5. Use a jigsaw to cut out three rectangles from the left vertical support, at one inch from the top, six inches from the top and 11 inches from the top. Each should measure one inch high by two inches deep. These notches will support the barrels of the guns.

6. Cut out three rectangles from the right-hand vertical support, at one inch from the bottom, six inches from the bottom, and 11 inches from the bottom. These should each measure 3 inches deep by 4 inches high. The notches will support the butt end of the paintball guns. They should be lower than the barrel-notches because the butt is lower on the gun, so uneven supports will actually help the gun lie flat.

7. Carve a slight curvature into the bottom of the butt-notches, or simply cant them slightly toward the wall, so they will support the guns and not allow them to roll out of place on the rack.