Make A Paintball Gun Shoot Faster

Having a fast-shooting paintball gun can provide an enormous strategic advantage in a paintball game. This allows you to continuously fire on the other team and have a better chance of hitting them. Making your paintball gun shoot faster can actually be simple to do. While many higher end guns, costing more than $1,000, are already near their maximum shooting speed, lower priced guns can make plenty of improvement. These modifications can be quick and easy to do.


1. Remove the stock trigger frame from your paintball gun and replace it with an electronic one. Typically, this is done by removing two screws from the underside of the gun on the trigger frame. Carefully pull the trigger frame away from the gun. Place the electronic trigger frame in the same place, being careful to make sure the internal parts line up properly on the gun. Screw the trigger frame in with the two screws that were removed before.

2. Place your electric hopper on the feed neck of the paintball gun. Electric hoppers agitate paintballs, which increases the feed rate of paintballs into your gun.

3. Replace the CO2 on your gun with a compressed air tank. You simply unscrew the CO2 and screw the compressed air tank in the same receptacle. Compressed air is more consistent than CO2 and can help the consistency of your paintball gun shots.

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