Make A Paintball Gun Stronger

Paintball guns vary widely in design and function.

Paintball players use simulated weapons to stage mock battles in specially marked paintball fields or wooded areas. These weapons fire small paintballs–pellets made of water-soluble paint–at high velocities. Many players seek to upgrade the projectile strength of their weapons in order to get longer shots with greater accuracy. Most weapons allow these upgrades as a common part of their features, though the exact processes may vary.


1. Clean your paintball gun using a cloth dampened with warm water. Paintballs are water-soluble and do not need detergents for cleaning. Dirt and other debris can be scrubbed off with a soft cloth.

2. Add one to three drops of paintball gun oil to the moving parts of your paintball weapon. This includes the bolt, trigger and any hop-up systems in place on the firearm. Self-lubricating bolts do not need additional oil.

3. Fire your weapon a few times to drain the oil into the components.

4. Use additional oil, one to five drops, in the barrel before combat. The additional oil will lubricate the weapon and decrease friction. This results in stronger shots due to higher velocity, which is measured in feet per second, or FPS.

5. Remove and change your paintball tank. CO2 tanks are notorious for offering only a small amount of adjustment. Switch to a nitrous or high-pressure air tank, as these offer higher regulator adjustments. The process for changing tanks will vary by paintball model.

6. Adjust your paintball tank to a higher pressure setting. Higher pressure results in stronger shots as more air is forced through the weapon. This process also varies, but is usually a matter of turning the knob on your paintball tank or built-in regulator.

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