Make A Paintball Landmine

Make a Paintball Landmine

Paintball games that take place in the woods and fields, sometimes called “woodball,” are military-style combat games that often use more equipment than just paintball guns. One fun way to get the edge on your the other team is to ambush them with paint mines. However, manufactured paint mines can be too expensive to use in quantity, so a good solution is to “go guerrilla” and make your own mines. This design isn’t flashy, but it is an easy to make, cheap, command-detonated mine akin to a paintball claymore. That makes it perfect for ambushes.


1. Take a portable bicycle pump and cut the one-way valve off the end with a knife. This pump will provide the power for the mine. Extending the hose can be done by mating it to a rubber hose of similar diameter with duct tape, but this is optional.

2. Take a big syringe, the bigger the better. Remove the press from the syringe and discard it, and drill a larger hole in the front. The size of the hole depends on your preferences for the mine. A small hole means a strong jet of paint that travels further, while a big hole means a short-ranged jet with wide spatter.

3. Prime and paint the syringe in a camouflage colors (black, green, gray, brown) with spray cans.

4. Insert the hose from the pump into the back of the tube, then fasten and seal it at the same time using caulk.

5. Use the command-detonated mine by placing it in a discrete location in the ambush zone. First draw the pump’s plunger back, and then fill the syringe tube with washable paint. This avoids drawing paint back into the pump, where it may clog the pump. To detonate, push down on the plunger. Air pressure will blast the syringe’s paint out the enlarged nozzle.

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