Make A Paintball Mine

Make a paintball version of this.

Paintball games that take place in the woods and fields, sometimes called “woodball,” are military simulations that often use more gear than just paintball guns. One fun way to get the edge on your opponents is to ambush them or deny them territory with paint mines. However, manufactured paint mines can be too expensive to use in quantity, so a good solution is to “go guerrilla” and make your own mines. This design isn’t flashy, but it is cheap, easy to make, and will drench feet in paint.


1. Cut a three pieces of cardboard that neatly fit into a pan-shaped container. Glue them together, stacked.

2. Glue a powerlet CO2 cartridge to the bottom of the container. These cartridges are meant for paintball pistols, and have compressed, liquid gas for roughly 40 shots. It will power the mine.

3. Push a small nail through the first two layers of cardboard in the three-ply piece you glued together in Step 2.

4. Put the cardboard piece into the container so that the nail is positioned over the powerlet. The cardboard piece and nail serve as the trigger. The cardboard also separates the powerlet from the paint.

5. Cut three or four vents into the container’s original lid. Place the lid of the container gently atop the nail.

6. Store the mine until you are ready to use it. Before deployment, fill the upper chamber with paint. When the mine is stepped on, the powerlet will release all its stored gas at once, blasting through the cardboard and blowing paint out of the vents cut in the top of the container.

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