Make A Paintball Splatter Effect

Create a piece of art by splattering acrylic paint.

You can make a piece of modern art by creating a paintball splatter effect with acrylic paints. When a paintball hits a surface, it creates a large blotch and splatter effect. You can re-create this effect for a piece of art by combining a few different splatter techniques. To make abstract art, you will create a graffiti effect that you can use as the main design or as the background in your art piece. Create bright colors and a variety of textures using a rainbow of paint colors and a few different techniques. Splatter painting is messy but enjoyable for all ages.


1. Place a drop cloth down on the ground in the area where you will be painting. You will be placing your canvas or paper on a wall. This project is messy, so make sure to cover the area and several feet around the painting area, using several drop cloths if necessary.

2. Place an artist’s canvas or a large piece of paper flat against the wall. For a permanent piece of art, use a canvas, and for a kid’s art project, use less expensive pieces of large paper. Prop the artist’s canvas on the ground against the wall, or hang it on the wall if desired. Attach the paper to the wall with pieces of painter’s tape or push pins.

3. Place the opening of a balloon over a small funnel, and pour acrylic paint to fill the balloon about halfway. Carefully tie the balloon opening closed into a knot. Use small balloons for a smaller paintball effect, or you can use a variety of sizes of medium and large-sized balloons, if desired.

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4. Throw the balloon at the canvas in the area where you want the paintball splatter effect. Use some force when throwing the balloon for the best effect. Allow the paint to dry for about 15 minutes, and then continue to throw as many balloons as you would like to create additional paintball effects. Allow drying for about 15 minutes in between.

5. Create additional splattering effects using a toothbrush. This will add texture and color to your piece. Dip the toothbrush into the paint, hold the brush with one hand and place the pointer finger of the other hand on top of the brush, flicking the brush to create a small textured splatter. Allow drying for 15 minutes.

6. Place the canvas or paper flat on the ground. Dip a paintbrush into paint and then allow the paints to drip around the splatter area. This will create more splattering effect, if desired. Allow drying.