Make A Pistol Case

With prices for firearm accessories getting higher as the demand rises for guns, an economical alternative to paying top dollar for a gun case is making your own. A basic knowledge of sewing is needed to make a pistol case. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Buy the heavy duty canvas fabric in a size that is large enough to fold over your pistol by 2 inches all the way around. A good way to measure this is to place your pistol on a piece of paper, outline it and mark 2 inches farther all the way around so that you have a larger image of your pistol. Go to a marine or heavy duty fabric supply store with the outline and purchase fabric large enough to be able to fold over the outline once. Also purchase a length of heavy duty zipper that will extend along the longest part of your outline, usually the straight line from the tip of the muzzle to the bottom of the grips. You should be able to purchase the faux shearling here as well.

2. Using a piece of chalk, make the outline of your gun plus the 2-inch extended line on the canvas. Using your fabric cutters, cut the new outline. Cut two pieces of the shearling as well. It will need to be the same size as your pistol cut out.

3. Sew the faux shearling to what will become the inside of the pistol case with the canvas thread. On the longest side, attach one side of the zipper. Now, sew the second outline to the zipper. Place the two outline halves together and sew them, going over the edges twice. Trim away any excess.

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4. Place your pistol inside and zipper it up. Make sure it is fairly snug.