Make A Raptor Mask

Wear a raptor mask for Mardi Gras, Halloween or a costume party.

Raptor is the term that describes certain predatory birds, such as hawks, eagles, vultures and screech owls. Each creature naturally features feathers, beaks and eyes, which may be reproduced onto a handmade mask for trick-or-treating, a costume party or another special occasion. As each bird is naturally singular in appearance, coloring and size in its own environment, your imagination is the limit when designing your one-of-a-kind raptor mask inspired by these magnificent animals.


1. Mark and cut out two 1.5-inch circles on a paper plate to create the eyes on your mask.

2. Cut two pieces of ribbon that measure approximately 12 inches. Staple one end of one ribbon to the side of the plate. Repeat this for the other ribbon on the opposite side of the plate.

3. Roll a piece of crepe paper with your hand into a narrow cone shape to form a beak. Glue the base of the beak to the center of the mask with the pointy end extending outward.

4. Begin in the center of the plate and glue on the feathers. Keep the quills of the feathers pointing toward the center of the paper plate. Overlap rows of feathers for a fuller look.

5. Secure the mask in place by tying the ends of the ribbon around your head.

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