Make A Rifle Ghillie

No matter how well the rest of you is camouflaged, the straight lines, metal and glass parts of a sniper rifle can make you easier to spot.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of making yourself a ghillie camouflage suit for hunting or paintball competition, don’t forget to create a ghillie wrap for your rifle. The straight lines and glass and metal parts of the rifle will stand out against foliage. A ghillie rifle wrap can increase your ability to blend with the local environment. You can make an effective bushrag-style ghillie rifle wrap out of leftover materials from your ghillie suit.


Assembling the Rifle Ghillie

1. Cut out a piece of netting large enough to drape over the length of the rifle and hanging over both sides about 6 to 12 inches.

2. Start at the edges of the netting and work your way toward the center spine of the netting. Tie rows of jute string and strips of burlap the length of the netting. Fold the strips and strings in half and tie them to the net with a simple knot that’s easy to untie in case you want to later retie the ghillie pattern for a different kind of terrain.

3. Add rows of strips and strings above the first row, overlapping as you go. Fray the edges of the wider burlap strips. Fray strips near the stock of the rifle toward the back end of the gun. Those toward the front end should be frayed toward the front of the gun. This helps conceal the ends of the gun when moving and carrying the gun.

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4. Lay the netting over the top of the gun to trial fit the ghillie. Use scissors to cut openings for sniper scopes, adjustment screws and other parts of the rifle that you will need to access. You may need to fray the edges of burlap strips near openings to disguise the edges of rifle parts.

5. Secure the ghillie wrap to the gun by wrapping elastic bands around the netting at both ends of the barrel. Fluff the strings and burlap strips around the bands to conceal them.