Make A Rocket Shoot Straight In “Lbp2”

Rocket Funland is a secret world you can unlock as you progress through the “LittleBigPlanet 2” (LBP2) video game for the PlayStation 3. This is a platform-style level in which you control your Sackboy, armed with a rocket launcher. The object of the level is to shoot the other Sackboys with rockets to score points. If you want your rockets to shoot straight and hit their targets, you must operate your PS3 controller with steady hands.


1. Move your Sackboy around with the left thumbstick. Press “X” to jump — the longer you hold down the “X” button before releasing it, the higher your Sackboy will jump.

2. Aim with the right thumbstick. There is no targeting reticule, so you must take notice of where the rocket launcher is aiming. To make sure your rocket flies as straight as possible, stop moving as soon as you have your target in sight.

3. Tap “R1” to fire your rocket. If you stop moving the rocket launcher and your Sackboy before firing, the rocket will fire straight at its target.

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