Make A Roman Helmet

Make a Roman Helmet

Want to dress up in a Roman soldier costume? A Roman costume is grand, elegant and authoritative. You are sure to rule the empire (or masquerade party) in this outfit. Learn make your own Roman helmet to get you started. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Wash the empty milk gallon out thoroughly and cut off the top. Place the milk carton on your head and trace a pattern to cut, keeping in mind that a Roman helmet has a main body that covers the head and the sides of the face.

2. Cut out the body of a Roman helmet, using the model you just traced. Try it on a few times and make sure it fits.

3. Cut an 8- to 10-inch strip of cardboard to 2 inches wide, and begin gluing red feathers into it. If it’s corrugated cardboard, you can poke the stems of the feathers in-between the ripples. This feathered mane is a typical representation of a Roman soldier.

4. Sketch what you’d like your front piece to look like. You don’t have to wear it in front of your face; you can have it attached to the forehead of your mask, like in the picture. A real Roman soldier, however, would be able to move the piece down (like sunglasses) during times of battle.

5. Trace the front piece of your Roman helmet onto cardboard and cut it out. Roll the cardboard to bend it into a curve that fits your head.

6. Adhere the mane and the front piece to your Roman helmet with duct tape. A real Roman helmet would be made from copper or iron. If you don’t like the look of the duct tape, spray paint your Roman mask gold or silver to match your Roman costume.

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