Make A Sandblaster

A sandblaster is a unique tool that uses air or steam to thrust out sand to grind or clean a surface. Typically a sandblaster is used on items like a boat where you need to break through the gloss so that you can repaint it. However, a sandblaster can also be used on fabric, such as on blue jeans to give them more of an acid-washed look. Although you can purchase an industrial sandblaster, it is actually very easy to make a sandblaster yourself–and there is a pretty good chance you already have the parts in your garage. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Purchase protective gear. A sandblaster should never be operated without protective gear, as the sand can cause damage to your skin due to the force with which it comes out of the sandblaster. You will need to have any exposed skin covered, including your face. You can buy masks and goggles at a home improvement store.

2. Connect a 1/2 inch rubber air hose to the bottom of the air gun. Give it a little tug to make sure it is securely on the air gun. If it is too loose, you can either purchase another one that fits or use some electrical tape to secure it to the air gun.

3. Using electrical tape or duct tape, secure the end of the rubber air hose to the inside of the bucket, with about 1 inch between the hose and the bottom of the bucket. The bucket can be any size. An old coffee can or a plastic bucket will work fine. Attaching the hose to the bucket will keep the hose inside the bucket.

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4. Fill the bucket with some sand. The finer the grain of sand, the more sand will flow through the hose.

5. Put on your protective gear. Aim the air gun handle of your sandblaster at the item you want to sandblast, and squeeze the trigger. The air gun will suck the sand up the hose and it will come out of the air gun nozzle with a lot of force. Keep any places covered that you do not want sandblasted.