Make A Shooting Car On “Roblox”

Roblox is an online computer game that takes place in a massively multiplayer online (MMO) atmosphere. The game involves building your own creations and then inserting them into the game. Cars are one object that can be built. After creating a car, you can decorate or accessorize in almost any way that you like. Adding a gun to create a shooter game is one thing that can be done easily in Roblox.


1. Log in to your Roblox account. Enter your name and password. Press “Enter.”

2. Open a new map. This will display your toolbox and a base plate that is completely empty.

3. Click four wheels to select them for your car. Choose any wheels from your toolbox.

4. Select the parts of the car from your toolbox. Choose parts based on how you’d like your car to look.

5. Select the “Hinge” tool from the toolbox.

6. Click on the inside portion of the wheels. This will make a yellow peg show up on the wheel.

7. Open the “Insert” menu.

8. Insert a seat into your car. Click “Insert Object” and “Vehicle Seat.”

9. Put the seat in the car. Select the “Move on Axis” tool from your toolbox. Arrange the seat so that it is on top of the car with the yellow peg facing the front of the car.

10. Put the gun on your car. Open the “Insert Menu” once again. Find a gun that you would like to use. Select the “Move on Axis” tool from your toolbox. Place the gun in any location on your car.

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