Make A Simple Gun Safe

Safe, secure gun storage is important when firearms are not in use.

Many states and municipalities require firearms to be securely locked away. Gun safes are expensive, extremely heavy and quite bulky. For the gun owner with a mechanical skills, the task of making a simple storage unit that will secure all his firearms in one place, safe from prying eyes, is easy.


1. Purchase a heavy-duty vertical steel supply cabinet with two doors. These cabinets are about 60 inches tall.

2. Take out the two lower shelves to make room for any long guns.

3. Glue a piece of fitted carpet onto the bottom of the unit.

4. Glue the wooden blocks to the back interior of the cabinet and three feet high from the base. Space them two inches apart, with the 1-by-2 side placed vertically against the back wall.

5. Attach the hasp to the front doors by drilling holes about two feet from the top of the cabinet and bolting it in place with the round bolt heads facing outwards.

6. Lock the doors closed with the padlock through the hasp.