Make A Soccer Ball Snowman

Soccer Ball

There are so many different ways to make a snowman that you could make a different kind of snowman each year of your life and never repeat the same one. One fun possibility is a soccer ball snowman.


1. Lay some newspaper over your work area. This will protect the area from being scratched or covered in paint.

2. Paint all three of your soccer balls white. Do this with a regular painter’s brush instead of a craft paintbrush. Craft paintbrushes are small and will take a long time to cover a soccer ball.

3. Allow your soccer balls to dry, then give them a second coat of white paint.

4. Use a metal cutter to cut a round top off two of your skewers. These skewers are perfect for holding your soccer balls together.

5. Stick half of one skewer into the top middle of your size 5 soccer ball. Slide the size 4 soccer ball over the remaining piece of the skewer in the middle. You now have half of your snowman.

6. Stick the second skewer into the top of the size 4 soccer ball. Slide the size 3 soccer ball into the remaining half of the skewer. Your snowman is now complete and ready for decorating.

7. Use black paint to give the snowman some eyes, a mouth, and three buttons down the middle soccer ball.

8. Stick one skewer in each of the two sides of the middle soccer ball. Leave the round edge sticking out. These are the arms. Place a pair of children’s gloves over the round edge of the skewer.

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9. Drape a scarf around the spot where the top and middle soccer balls meet. This is the snowman’s neck.

10. Place a hat on the top of the snowman’s head. Use some straight pins to hold it in place if it doesn’t exactly fit.

11. Use a razor to cut a hole in between the snowman’s eyes and mouth. Push the big end of the carrot in the hole and allow the small end to stick out. This is the snowman’s nose.

12. Set your snowman outside on your lawn.