Make A Soft Gun Case

Firearms should be securley cased when not in use.

An uncased gun can attract dirt and moisture, leaving it rusted and unusable. There are many kinds of cases that a gun owner can purchase, but some people prefer to make a gun case based on their own need. A simple, soft gun case made of dyed or natural leather is both functional and beautiful. After the case is made, you can further customize it to truly make it your own.


1. Lay the paper on the worktable, and draw with a pencil and yardstick a straight, vertical line at least 10 inches longer than the firearm.

2. Place the gun on the paper, with the trigger assembly point to the left, the barrel to the top and aligned alongside the pencil line.

3. Trace around the gun with a pencil, giving a 1-inch margin on the right side and a 4-inch margin on the top, bottom and left sides.

4. Cut out the paper pattern and transfer it to the leather.

5. Trace the pattern onto the leather for the left side of the case, and then turn it over and trace the right side of the case. Cut the leather according to the pattern.

6. Place the leather on the worktable and lay the firearm on the left side. Fold over the right side to encase the firearm.

7. Starting at the far top corner, use the snap tool to set the snaps every 2 inches apart and far enough into the margin to give a snug, comfortable fit for the firearm. Finish at the bottom corner of the case.

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8. Trim off excess leather material from the case and burnish the edges by dampening them slightly and rubbing with a slick piece of hardwood.