Make A Staple Mod For My Halo B

The Halo B’s 22 balls-per-second paintball loading speed may satisfy many paintballers, but the most bloodthirsty will want to shoot their friends at even faster rates. That’s where the staple mod comes in. The mod bypasses the motor’s resistor, causing more amperage to reach the motor, speeding it up. This change can double your shooting rate, but also fry your motor. Test out the mod before making it permanent with soldering on your Halo B board.


1. Remove the battery pack from the Halo B. Remove the one battery door screw. Pull out the battery pack.

2. Remove the six screws from the shell of the Halo B. Gently pull off the shell. It is still attached by pins. Push them in as you pull the shell off to release them.

3. Unscrew the circuit board from the back plate. Gently lift the circuit board out of the back plate.

4. Locate the C8 and VR1 holes on the circuit board. These letters are just to the left of the small holes. It may take a minute or two to locate them because the lettering is so small.

5. Insert the small strand of copper wire into the holes to connect them. Crimp the wire against the edge of each hole to hold it steady. Do not yet solder the wire to the board unless you want to permanently mod your board. Be careful that the wire doesn’t touch any other metal component or the circuit will jump to other components.

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6. Replace the circuit board in the back plate. Reassemble the Halo B body. Reinsert the battery pack. Attach the Halo B to your paintball gun. Test out the new speed.