Make A Stock For A Paintball Gun

A gun stock makes for more accurate shooting.

As with any weapon, paintball gun accuracy is improved by the ability to hold the weapon securely while shooting. You can make a stock for your paintball gun that will enhance your firing and lead to more success when shooting at a target. To do this, you will need a few hardware supplies and tools from a hardware store. You will also be cutting wood, so you will need adult supervision if you are a minor. Your wooden gun stock might not be as polished as one made professionally, but it will help you shoot more accurately.


1. Spread newspaper over your work surface. Using the ruler and black permanent marker, draw a gun stock on the acetate sheet. Make the width of your drawing the same width as the handle of your paintball gun, and its length twice the length of your paintball gun (from the tip of the barrel to the hammer at the back).

2. Cut your drawing out with a utility knife to make a template.

3. Place the wood block on the newspaper. Pour some water onto the wood so that the grain can be seen.

4. Place the template on top of the wood block with the wood grain running straight through the length of the template (not from side to side).

5. Using a black permanent marker, draw around the template on the wood.

6. Using a circular saw, cut out the piece of wood that the template is drawn on, leaving six inches on each side of the cut-out block of wood.

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7. Cut through the length of the block of wood with the band saw, making the block of wood half as thick as it was before.

8. Use a table saw to cut around the template on the wood block.

9. Use the circular saw to cut around the template on the wood block. Sand the edges of the wood block with sandpaper.

10. Apply a coat of varnish to all sides of the wood block and let dry. Apply a coat of black paint to the wood block. Let dry.

11. Attach your new stock to the back of your paintball gun, even with the back edge of the handle.

12. Wrap duct tape around the stock and the handle. Lift the paintball gun up and rest the stock against your shoulder before aiming and firing.