Make A Tommy Gun Balloon

If you want to impress a group of kids, make tommy gun balloons for each of them. The tommy gun is quick and easy to create and kids will love running around pretending they’re cops and robbers.


1. Inflate the balloon. Pinch it about 3 to 5 inches from your mouth to make it easier to blow up. Release your fingers once that section is blown up so you can blow up the remainder of the balloon.

2. Leave 1- to 2-inch tail at the end of the balloon. This reduces the chances of the balloon popping while you’re twisting it.

3. Create the handle by doing a lock twist at the nozzle end of the balloon. Fold the balloon and twist it two or three times. This keeps balloon in place. You should now have a bubble on top with the handle shape on the bottom of the balloon.

4. Pinch the balloon about 5 to 6 inches from the handle you just created. Twist the balloon and then fold one end over. There should now be a loop facing down.

5. Make another small loop by pinching and twisting about 4 inches from the fist loop.

6. Straighten the balloon so both handles are facing down. Your tommy gun balloon is complete once you have the handles in line.