Make A Vest For Airsoft

Most Airsoft vests are simply tactical combat vests. They usually do not offer much padding for the user–except for the gear that is in it. This project is a vest that not only can reduce the pain to the user when hit, but also can be modified to carry gear.


1. Take measurements for your vest. Measure the circumference of your chest (at the nipples) and stomach (at the belly button). Also measure the length of your trunk, front and back, including any curves that need to be considered. Include your shoulders in the measurement of your trunk.

2. Cut a piece of cardboard according to the measurements but twice as long as your trunk. Cut a hole in the center of the cardboard like a poncho. Make the hole the size of your neck. Make a slit on one shoulder to make the hole big enough to slip your head through. Apply duct tape to reinforce the edges of the cardboard, including the slit in the shoulder to prevent the cardboard from tearing.

3. Drill five holes with your knife into the cardboard on both sides of the slit. Lace a shoelace to close the slit on the shoulder, reinforcing the holes with duct tape. Leave a gap in the tape on the side of the shoelace and a small slit so that the cardboard can rip if needed. Do the same thing on the sides of the cardboard poncho, but leave the laces loose enough so that you can still move.

4. Cut a strip of cardboard as wide as the ammunition tubes. Make the strip as long as the combined circumferences of each tube, multiplied by two. Use rubber bands to fix the tubes to the strip and use a hot glue gun to seal the strip to the vest around the stomach.

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5. Use the hot glue gun to make a pouch out of cardboard. The pouch should be a cube you glue together from cardboard. Make the top flap longer so that it folds over the front. Glue a magnet to the end of the cardboard flap and another magnet to the place where the first magnet touches when the flap closes. The two magnets need to be oriented with sides that attract each other.

6. Paint your vest. Spray paint to cover your entire vest loam green and wait for it to dry. Get branches from a tree. Place the branch on the vest at various locations and spray light tan and other colors over it to get the pattern of the leaves and branches to alter the vest. Allow the paint to dry.