Make A Wooden Gun Case

A gun case is used to both store and display a sportsman or collector’s guns. The gun case can be made with glass windowpanes, for display purposes, or solid wood, for safekeeping. You can also store additional hunting supplies or items related to your guns in your case.


1. Use a carpenter’s square and tape measure and power saw to cut four pieces of wood paneling that are 1 1/2 feet wide and 5 feet long. These pieces will be used as the case’s sides and door. Cut two more pieces that are 1 foot wide and 3 feet long for the top and bottom of the case.

2. Screw the two short pieces and two of the large pieces together in a large rectangular frame; counter-sink the screws to make your project look a little neater. Use small nails to attach the thin paneling to one open side of the rectangular frame to create a box shape.

3. Create the gun case doors. Attach the two long pieces to the open side of the box with hinging fixtures so the doors swing open. Affix handles to the doors.

4. Nail a 2-by-2 inch piece of wood along the front edge of the bottom section of the gun case. This piece acts as a protective lip that keeps the guns from sliding out.

5. Affix the latch and lock fixtures according to the instructions that come with the fixtures. Use a drill to make a hole for the lock.

6. Sand over the entire surface of the gun case and wipe off excess dust with a wet rag. Cover the latch, hinges, handle and lock fixtures with masking tape, then paint or varnish the case.

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