Make Airsoft Claymores

Airsoft is a style of mock skirmish battle that most resembles paintball or military training exercises. Participants use firearms that shoot plastic BBs with compressed air at their opponents. While airsoft rifles make up the bulk of the gear, additional weapons such as grenades and mines have become commonplace. Making a claymore need not be expensive or overly complicated as long as you have a steady hand and a good eye for where to use them.


1. Use your knife to remove the paper covering on the end of the popper. Do not cut this covering and be sure to point the popper away from your face and body as you do so.

2. Empty the party string and other contents. Shake these out; do not try to put your knife any further in as it is likely to discharge the popper.

3. Fill the popper with BBs and replace the paper cover. This will usually be about 20 to 25 BBs.

4. Tie one end of a fishing line segment to the end of the popper’s drawstring and the other to a wood staple or eyelet. Set the eyelet into the ground or wherever you wish to start your trip wire.

5. Screw the eyelet/staple into a barrier near the ground or wherever you wish to start your trip wire.

6. Using another wood staple or eyelet, hang the newly constructed mine in a tree or other solid structure. Ensure that the popper is aiming outwards towards your opponent and is not at face level.