Make Airsoft Mines

Airsoft weapons enable a person to pretend to be fighting in a war without any of the risks of real combat. An airsoft “mine” will let you take out your foes while you watch in safety from a distance. You will need a few items from a party store, about an hour of time and adult supervision if you are underage. The airsoft mine will “explode” when you pull the trigger string, so expect there to be a lot of commotion when it goes off.


1. Put the newspaper down on a table. Peel the paper off of the bottom of the party popper with the needle nosed pliers.

2. Put the party popper down on the newspaper. Use your fingers to pull out all of the streamer paper from the inside of the party popper.

3. Rub a piece of modeling clay between your palms to form a small ball. Repeat this process 29 more times to make 30 small balls in all.

4. Place the 30 small balls into the open end of the party popper. Place the paper that was removed back into the open end of the party popper. Crinkle the edges of the paper to adhere it to the sides of the party popper.

5. Tie the end of the string from the spool to the string attached to the party popper. Go into your backyard, and wedge the party popper against a tree or a lawn chair so that the cardboard end is facing up.

6. Unwind the string from the spool and hide behind a wall. Pull the string and watch the clay balls fly through the air as your airsoft “mine” explodes.