Make An 18shot Clip For The Nerf Longshot

Nerf modifications can help put more darts on target.

The Nerf Longshot is a well-known dart gun on the market for both children and adults. It is easily modified, making it a cheap alternative to Airsoft and paintball guns. Unfortunately, the stock magazine holds only six darts, which can be gone in under 10 seconds. To maximize the use of your Nerf gun, magazines can be extended to hold more darts, between 12 and 18.


1. Remove the screws from the exterior of all the magazines.

2. Remove the springs from all the magazines.

3. Straight cuts are neccesary to allow the magazines to line up properly.

Cut the magazine that will be the top portion to a height of 4 1/4 inches, measured from the top. The cut should be straight across the clip, directly above the interlocking cog pattern at the bottom of the clip. Use the miter box or table saw to ensure a straight cut; an unbraced hand saw will not cut as neatly across as is needed for this modification to work.

4. Cut the magazine that will be on the bottom to a height of 4 inches, measured from the bottom. The cut should be straight across the clip, directly above the top of the feed window, and remove the portions that lock into the Longshot.

5. Cut a third magazine to serve as the middle of the extended magazine. It needs to be cut twice, at the positions indicated in steps 3 and 4. This section is only needed if making an 18-shot clip.

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6. Use a rotary tool or hobby knife to debur the interior edges of all the cut magazines. The edges need to be as smooth as possible to prevent darts from snagging on the inside of the magazine.

7. Glue the magazines together, top to bottom, using superglue or solvent adhesive. Use the plastic molding on the outside as a rough guide. The interior edges of the magazines need to be lined up as smoothly as possible. The finished product should look like a single magazine, but taller.

8. Insert a 10-32 screw into the twist of wire at the end of two magazine springs, making sure the springs remain in a zigzag pattern.

9. Place a washer on the 10-32 screw, and fasten a self-locking hex bolt onto the screw.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for an 18-shot magazine.

11. Insert the spring into the magazine.

12. Refasten the screws on the outside of the magazine.