Make An Anodizing Tank

The aluminum parts of paintball guns are often anodized.

A rubber anodizing tank is an important part of the anodizing process. The tank must hold the water and sulfuric acid solution while electrical current is being applied to an aluminum part. An anodizing tank must be leak-free and large enough to hold the piece of aluminum requiring anodization. It must also contain a negative ground that will allow electrical current to flow through a piece of aluminum. Creating an anodizing tank should require less than 15 minutes.


1. Cut a piece of aluminum wire with rubber sheath to a length of 4 feet—a length sufficient to attach the negative ground to a battery charger, which is used to create electrical current in anodizing applications.

2. Strip the rubber sheath from the first 12 inches of one end of the aluminum wire. Form a circle shape with the end of the stripped aluminum wire. The circle only needs to be a few inches wide and should be wrapped onto the edge of the stripped aluminum wire.

3. Cover the wire with a sheet of aluminum foil. The foil must be securely wrapped around the wire to prevent it from falling off.

4. Place the aluminum foil wrapped circle at the bottom of the anodizing tank. Attach the other end to the aluminum wire to a battery charger. Make sure the battery charger does not comes into contact with the anodizing solution.

5. Mix a solution of one part water to one part sulfuric acid. Carefully pour this solution into the anodizing tank when you are ready to anodize. There should be enough solution to cover the piece of aluminum that you plan to anodize. The anodizing tank is now ready to be used.

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