Make An Electronic Airsoft Gun More Powerful

Make an Electronic Airsoft Gun More Powerful

Electric airsoft guns rely on a spring to fire the projectile, just as those airsoft guns that must be manually reloaded after each shot do. Make the electric airsoft gun more powerful by stretching out the spring in the firing mechanism. The procedure can be done in less than 10 minutes and will not harm the electric airsoft gun. Once you have reassembled the gun, its projectiles will go farther and strike with greater force than they did before.


1. Hold the electric airsoft gun in your left hand. Push down on the magazine catch on the right side of the electric airsoft gun that is on the side of the handle with the thumb of your left hand.

2. Pull out the magazine holding the projectiles from out of the handle of the electric airsoft gun with your right hand. Release the magazine catch. Put the magazine aside.

3. Place the barrel of the electric airsoft gun into a trash can. Pull the trigger to fire off a BB that might still be in the firing mechanism.

4. Lay a towel down on a table. Put the electric airsoft gun down on its side with the barrel facing to the right.

5. Remove the screws from on the handle and at the back edge by the hammer with the Phillips screwdriver.

6. Remove the screws from the top edge by the barrel and at the bottom, using the Phillips screwdriver.

7. Turn the electric airsoft gun over and remove the screws from the side in a similar manner as was done for the other side.

8. Insert the tip of the flat-edged screwdriver into the seam between the sliding panel and the body of the electric airsoft gun on the top just in front of the hammer at the back edge.

9. Wiggle the tip of the flat-edged screwdriver to loosen the sliding panel. Remove the sliding panel with your fingers.

10. Pull the sliding panel off the top of the electric airsoft gun and put it down on the towel.

11. Lift out the firing mechanism from the top compartment now revealed by removing the sliding panel. Put the firing mechanism down on the towel.

12. Remove the spring from off the firing mechanism, using the needle-nosed pliers.

13. Hold the end of the spring in one hand and clamp the needle-nosed pliers on the other end of the spring.

14. Pull the spring to stretch it out. Return the spring onto the firing mechanism.

15. Reverse the disassembly process to put the electric airsoft gun back together.