Make An Mr1 Paintball Gun Shoot Faster

There are two types of “fast” when referring to making a paintball gun shoot faster. There’s the velocity at which each projectile is fired, often measured in feet per second. There is also the rate of fire, usually expressed as rounds per minute. Both of these are easily addressable issues on the MR1 paintball gun.


1. Increase velocity. Sometimes the ranges you’re dealing with in paintball are too long to be able to shoot accurately. Rather than arcing your rounds to your target and adjusting for wind, why not simply adjust your velocity? It’s a simple way to give you the long-range edge in a game. The velocity adjustment on the MR1 is located on the back of the marker, just above the grip. Adjusting the velocity on your paintball gun only requires a hex wrench. Put the hex wrench in the velocity adjuster and turn clockwise to increase velocity and counter-clockwise to decrease velocity.

2. Increase the rate of fire. Sometimes when playing paintball, you need to lay down a wall of paint to cover your movements. This type of suppressing fire can be difficult to produce when using a simple mechanical paintball gun such as the MR1, but there are techniques you can use to increase your rate of fire and put more paint downrange quicker. The MR1 is equipped with a two-finger trigger. This feature can be utilized to gain a rate of fire equivalent to the more expensive full-auto paintball guns. This is accomplished by manipulating each of your two trigger fingers independently in rapid succession, such as to “walk the trigger.” This technique requires a lot of practice and isn’t perfected quickly. There are also trigger kits available that make this trick a lot easier.

3. Use common sense. Common sense must be taken into consideration when increasing the velocity on a paintball gun. Anything above 300 feet per second is considered to be dangerous and not advisable.

4. Be aware of velocity limits.Most commercial fields have limits on the velocity for setting your paintball gun. It’s also important to consider that any increase in rate of fire when playing paintball will have a detrimental effect on your accuracy and ammunition usage, so “walking” the trigger is a skill that should be used with some restraint if you want to gain the upper hand in a paintball match.