Make An “Ugly Baby” Bear

What makes us love teddy bears? Warm, fuzzy friends who comfort us when needed is one choice, but ask an Ugly Baby doll collector and they’ll tell you about how their favorite teddy bear would be one that looks like Alice Cooper, or Pin Head from the movie Hell Raiser. This eclectic group of collector and fans prefer punk rock and Gothic themes when they are in a friendly environment. “Ugly Baby” Bears mimic a theme that suits the owner, and can be constructed with much love and care. These are not your average bears though, and you will find their owners are as unique as the “Ugly Baby” Bear.


1. Select a theme or feature that will be the basis for the alteration from regular teddy to “Ugly Baby” Bear. For collectors, the basis for most models is from the world of hard-core music or imagery collected from video or photograph. These themes will conjure up thoughts of dread and pain, though collectors see this as an expression that matches their thoughts and beliefs. If using an actual person or character as the foundation, prepare to have an image to follow during construction.

2. Start the alterations from the top to the bottom. Construct or alter the current hair patterns of the bear to match the foundation image. This can include the hair extensions, hair dye, shaved head, or regular doo.

3. Use the theme throughout construction, clothing and outerwear to match what the character represents is necessary to have a well constructed, authentic “Ugly Baby” Bear. Because these features distinguish the bears from other bears, the time it takes to get the most of their appearance is key. Construct a trench coat if needed, leather boots, and straps. You could use fabric to make an “Ugly Baby” Bear straight-jacket; it’s up to you and your bear.

4. Finish the bear by including the best accessories to complete the appearance. Add as much detail to the facial appearance with fabric paints, make-up or eyewear. The time to stop adding things to your liking is when you have included everything. Make the most from your experience building your “Ugly Baby” Bear, and you will have a reason to enjoy him forever.