Make Army Of Two Gear

Army of Two” allows players to create custom masks and armor to use with their characters. This feature is often missed because it is not accessed within the game. The gear creator can only be accessed through the official website ( by logging into an EA account. This is a free account that can be registered for through the “Army of Two” or Electronic Arts websites.


1. Log into your EA account by clicking the “Login” button on the “Army of Two” website. You are automatically taken to the Custom Mask and Armor Creator page after logging in.

2. Click one of the red boxes on the gear creator page that say “Click to Create a New Design.” Clicking a box with a picture in it allows you to edit the design rather than create a new one.

3. Click the “Shapes” tab to open the list of shapes that can be used to create custom gear.

4. Click the box next to “Choose Shape Color” to modify the color of the shape to be created. You can change how opaque or transparent the shape is with the slider to the right.

5. Click the shape you want to use. Click on the canvas to place the shape.

6. Click and drag the shape to move it on the canvas. Drag the black boxes on the edge of the selected shape to modify its size. Drag the cursor on the white circle in the center to rotate the shape.

7. Click the “Text” tab to add words to the gear design.

8. Enter the text you want to add in the text box in the bottom left corner. The same steps used to place and modify a shape are used with text.

9. Add any additional shapes or text you want to complete your design.

10. Change the background color and opacity using the controls directly under your design.

11. Click the “Save” button to save your new gear. This does not make it accessible in the game yet. You should be returned to the main gear creator page after saving your design.

12. Place your mouse cursor over the design you created, but do not click it. A menu appears after about a second.

13. Turn on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console. You do not need to start “Army of Two,” but you do need to be logged into either your Xbox 360 gamer tag or PS3 online ID.

14. Click “Publish” from the menu. Enter a name and description for your design in the window that appears.

15. Click the “Next: Send Graphic to Game” button.

16. Click one of the gear design slots in the window. You can only have five different pieces of custom gear at any given time in “Army of Two.”

17.Click “Publish and Send to Game Shelf.” You can now access the new design within the game.